About Us

Wright Theatre Arts provides a high standard of training in many dance genres including Classical Ballet, Modern Theatre, Tap, Jazz, Character and Choreography.

The WTA Mission Aim, Aspire, Achieve


WTA fosters a welcoming environment which stimulates and encourages students in the learning process. We believe that each student is unique; they are valued and respected and given the opportunity to progress in their chosen art form, developing self-worth and a positive self-image whatever their ability.


Although the main aim of WTA is to introduce children to the joys and benefits of the performing arts we also provide serious technical and performance training for students who are considering a career in the theatre or teaching.

It is our belief that whether you require a single class in any given dance genre or more in-depth training we have something to offer everyone.


All dance classes are taught with a sense of fun and enjoyment whilst at the same time encouraging every pupil to reach their full potential whatever their ability.

About us

We run master classes in Musical Theatre, Contemporary and Bollywood.

We offer an elite Junior and Senior Associate Programme to which students are invited.

We offer a variety of classes for all ages from 8 Months to 80 Years old.

About us

WTA is affiliated to The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD).

The ISTD is the world’s leading dance examinations board. Formed in 1904 it is today a registered educational charity and is the only organisation that covers the full spectrum of dance examinations on a truly global scale.

The ISTD’s chief objective is “to educate the public in the art of dancing in all its forms”.

WTA Ethos

The power of the universal language of dance

Inclusivity is fundamental to WTA’s ethos. Open to all abilities, ages and backgrounds. Taking inspiration from the universal language of dance and the transformation that happens within it.

  • To provide a caring, stimulating, stable environment, where every child feels happy, safe and secure.
  • To develop a partnership between home and school that is beneficial and supportive.
  • To create a caring, respectful and courteous environment where students develop social skills such as co-operation, tolerance and appreciation of each other.
  • To maintain and uphold high levels of teaching to develop creativity, performance ability and aesthetic appreciation.
  • To foster high standards of behaviour and self-discipline in all students.
  • To nurture achievement through success in exams, auditions and performances.
  • To encourage and enable every student to develop their full potential by celebrating personal achievement.
  • To develop and deepen an interest in dance and performance through exposure to professional work.
  • Community outreach and contribution

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Meet the Team

Founder and Director of WTA Dance Academy
Teacher and Choreographer at WTA Dance Academy
Professional Dance Teacher